Utility Easement Vegetation Management

We have been involved in Power Line Vegetation Control since 2010. While at times publically contentious for aesthetic reasons, the work performed by power line and vegetation control contractors is high risk and vitally important when it comes to public safety and a reliable power supply. We aim to comply with legislative clearances with the best possible aesthetic result.

Legislative clearances vary depending on the length of a span, the voltage travelling through the conductors and the assessed regrowth rate of the trees. This is the reason why you may occasionally see some very large gaps created between the trees and the power lines .

These are some before and after photos. The first two photo's are a heavy prune to remove the sides which had some failing branches and also to gain required clearance. The second two photo's are from a fire damaged windrow now ready for replanting with suitable low growing natives.

We understand that trees serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose (eg. wind breaks). But there are a number of reasons why they can become problematic. In some cases it can simply be the wrong choice of tree, or in others, that pruning has not occurred early or regularly enough. Our experience over the years has led us to develop a service that gives you, the landowner;
When we select and recommend alternative trees we take into consideration the span length, the voltage, the planting opportunities within the span, and the actual power line height at the planting location/s. Furthermore, planting density can have an effect on the stipulated heights of certain plants, therefore this is considered also.

Please note: All vegetation must be outside the minimum clearances for works to take place, If the vegetation is within the clearances we can make arrangements for this to be rectified on your behalf. We only use experienced network authorised contractors.

If you would like some help or advice for any vegetation in the vicinity of power lines or any other infrastructure, please give us a call. Mob 0428 297 615