Worksite Auditing & Height Safety Equipment Inspection

Worksite Audits are a valuable way of keeping tabs on whether your company complies with it's Workplace Health and Safety Obligations. While a lot of Companies use internal audits to help meet their Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), an independent audit may identify areas that are being overlooked.

There are many reasons why things may be overlooked. It could be that the business is new and the correct procedures are not in place yet. Or it could just be lack of time, poor crew attitude or lack of training in some areas.

Our Arboricultural Worksite Audit has 3 sections covering EWP, Climb, GL, Chip, SG and is suitable for electrical environments:

Section 1. Incorporates an audit of vehicles, tools, safety equipment and contractual documentation (approximately 70 questions on checklist)

Section 2. Is a job observation audit. - arboricultural and behavioural (approximately 55 questions on checklist).

Section 3. Is a post work audit (8 checks).

Upon completion a certificate of compliance will be issued and any areas of non-conformance can be discussed with the crew/s onsite and responses recorded. This will then be forwarded to management in the form of a written report for your records.

Audits are developed as per the requirements of AS/NZS 4801:2001.

Height Safety Equipment (HSE) Testing - We can inspect, test and tag your harnesses, lanyards and controlled decent devices as per AS 1891.4 2009.

If you feel an Arboricultural Worksite Audit could benefit your business, please give us a call. Mob 0428 297 615