Tree pests and Diseases

Tree pests and diseases come in many forms. Some are easy to identify, others may require laboratory testing to get a result. Some occur in conjunction with others.

At Reparative Vegetation we like to take an integrated approach and consider what influences are causing the problem, decide what methods, if any, are required, and implement the least aggressive approach that we feel will work best. Sometimes it's as easy as water, mulch and food or attracting beneficial insects, and sometimes chemicals, pruning or removal may be required.

Whichever approach is required we will endeavour to make sure that we get to the root of the problem.

If diagnostic testing is required, we offer a service through the Plant Disease Diagnostic Service at the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. We can gather plant or soil samples and forward them on for testing.

If you think we can help out with any pests and disease please give us a call. Mob 0428 297 615