Chemical Management (coming soon)

We will be providing a service to workplaces involved in chemical application to assist in developing a Chemical Management Plan. Whether your business is new or existing, these audits are designed to identify areas where there may be shortfalls and provide the information required to maintain compliance and implement continued improvements.

The main areas that we focus on in an audit are;

1. Integrated Pest/Weed/Disease Management strategies
2. Training Records
3. Pre-operational and Maintenance Checklists for application equipment
4. Spray Order
5. Chemical Application records
6. Chemical Store Register
7. Chemical Storage Record - Stock Control
8. Chemical Store Audit Checklist
9. WHS Risk Assessments
10. SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures)
11. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Maintenance and Replacement Checklist
12. Incident Reporting Register
13. Re-entry Signage
14. Livestock and Crop/Pasture Treatment Signage
15. Environmental Risk Assessment
16. Application Site Environmental Risk Control
17. Emergency (spill/fire) Response Checklist

Reparative Vegetation Consultants and the client can then work collaboratively to develop strategies to keep your workplace and the environment safe and compliant.

Please note. This service not yet available, but please feel free to enquire. Mob 0428 297 615